Assembly Management Module

This course covers the tools available in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central for the production industry where products are combined in simple processes without the need of manufacturing functionality.  The production operations required to transform inputs into finished goods must be planned daily or weekly depending on the volume and nature of the products. This covers features to supply for anticipated and actual demand from sale, assembly, and production as well as features for distribution planning using stock-keeping units and location transfers. In the assembly modules we cover features to assemble items that integrate with existing features, such as sales, planning, reservations, and warehousing. During this course we go through how to create BOMs, submit Assembly Orders, posting of production output.


Modules covered

  • Assembly management setup
  • Understanding Assemble to Order and Assemble to Stock
  • Setting up of BOMs
  • Assemble Items
  • Undo Assembly Posting


This is targeted mainly for Production users and Operations Managers.



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