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At Accreda, we offer different training solutions to fit your operations and business needs.  Training Sessions will help your employees to focus on specific goals and gain in depth product knowledge. Our training provides serious, in-depth learning through hands-on interaction. From demonstrations to presentations to classroom activities, you receive hands-on experience with instruction from our staff of experts.

By becoming trained and familiar in various disciplines, you and your employees can document your knowledge on Microsoft Dynamics products and unlock the full potential of your Microsoft Dynamics solution adding value and increased productivity to your business. It will equip future professionals with understanding the architecture of various components of the product, which will in turn encourage self-learning and discovery of the broad tools the product can offer.

We can offer different courses, based on the level of seniority, the knowledge of the product, product version etc. We can offer in-house training or on-site training depending on the clients’ requirements and preferences. Courses can be tailor-made to target specific clients or group courses which cover the general functionality.



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