Retail Industry

Dealing with constant new market trends and changing customer requirements, the retail sector remains one of the most flexible, busiest and exciting sectors in the EU. Retailers have to constantly keep in tune with the market trends to remain competitive in today’s EU markets.  Consumers today are looking for a “complete shopping experience.”

Efficient Sales & Marketing techniques and the right technology are crucial tools for today’s companies to promote and sell their products effectively.  An online presence has almost become a requirement for most businesses to reach not only the local customers but the whole EU market.  Through the right backend solutions, retail outlets can easily synchronize their backend with their front end for efficient sales.

Features in MS Dynamics NAV 2018 which help your retail shop

  • With the powerful Sales & Marketing and Purchasing Module available in the starter pack in MS Dynamics NAV, the retail experience would be happy
  • Great inventory managment system
  • Easily integrated to a POS
  • Item tracking through barcodes
  • Integration to e-Commerce website is also flexible and achievable thanks to the webservices



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