Job Management

No matter what type of business you are running, you need to keep your tasks and jobs organised in a way which could be analysed at a glance.  Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers the Job Module which is flexible to cater for different types of services your business is offering, being Project Management, Professional Services etc.


However we have further customised and enhanced the Jobs Module to serve your business better.


Job Templates
Faster way to created and update jobs

  • Use of Pre-Defined Job Templates for faster job creation
  • Update the Job Template to update all related open Jobs automatically

Enhanced Job Budgets
Flexibility and Maintability

  • Enhanced Budgeting functionality with the use of Job Templates
  • Better monitoring of Budgets

Enhanced Job Card
Monitor your pending Jobs

  • Easier Job Loggings through the actual Job Card
  • Job Approvals with email integration to prevent any work started on jobs not yet approved by your client
  • Segregate jobs by different teams and resources

Project Managment Plug-In
Group Jobs under Projects

  • Integrates all related client’s job within a central Project Card
  • Keep track of your projects’ budgets, both in Hours and Costs
  • Clear identification of Project’s Manager, Leader and Team working on the Project
  • Easy overview of whole project including customisable Reports

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