Independent Plug-Ins

Through a number of years of experience and clients from different industries we have grouped the major and most common requirements into additional independent plug-ins.

Introducers Plug-In

Word of Mouth is the best Ad

  • Encourage your clients to promote your service
  • Flexible Introducers Plug-In to give incentives to your client
  • Easy calculation of commission to be paid to your clients
  • Fully integrated with Opportunities and Quotes

Collections Sheet

Quick look at your daily cash receipts

  • Automatically post Cash Receipt and Apply to Sales Documents
  • Keep track of the Billing officer who received the money
  • Allocate payment to multiple Sales Documents
  • Easier reconciliation with Bank Documents
  • Option to automatically post payments in your other subsidiary companies

Recycle Bin Functionality Plug-In

Undo deletion of documents

  • Undo Deletion or Permanently delete documents
  • Add comments to action for audit trail


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