Enhanced Contact Card

The Contact Card should be the main point of reference for all details about your clients. Keep everything centralised in one place for data consistency

Contact Card Enhancements

  • Improved Contact Relations within your own contacts, alerts for Competitor Related contacts, Potential clients etc.
  • Automatically creates the reversal for the Relation in the other contact
  • Includes a Professional Headline for easier identification of the contact
  • Reminders on Contact Card for important details e.g. Anniversaries etc.

Accounting Plug-In / Entity Info
  • Keep track of your Accounting Clients’ Due Dates related to Annual Returns, Auditing and Year Ends
  • Centralised information related to each client
  • Share Capital details
  • Shareholders details
  • Keep a record of the company’s Previous Names
    • Entity Registration No.
    • Registration Date

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