Customer Relation Management Plug-In

Banking Info

Your Customers’ Banking Details

If you offer a Bank Signatory service to your foreign customers you would want to keep a record of their individual bank accounts’ details.

  • Multiple Bank Accounts for the same Contact
  • The different signatories authorised by the client
  • The different classes per bank account for each signatory
  • Keep record of who has which rights on the Bank’s Secure Key
  • Whether there is a cheque book associated with it
  • Keep track of which accounts has the Final Withholding Tax deducted automatically


Tax Details

Your Customers’ Tax Details

If you are a Tax Advisory or Consulting firm you need to keep detailed up-to-date information about their Tax Details.  TaxSmlThis will help your company be more focused and professional in your service providing.

  • Everything centralised through the Contact Card and viewable with just one click
  • For your Tax Clients you can easily keep track of their Tax details for Tax Returns, Tax Payment and Tax Refunds
  • Automatic updates of Due Dates and easy filtering for pending documents
  • Keep a history’s of the past Basis Years’ Documents submission

Communication Details

  • Unlimited number of addresses
  • Distinguish between different Types and Uses of a communications method
  • Mark preferred contact mode for each contact
  • Auto-Update of Addresses on open Sales and Purchase Documents with a click of a button
  • Add comments to each communication method


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